Food Industry MAKS

MAKS started up in Strumica in 1990 as a single-person family business. Today, halfway into the second decade of its existence MAKS is a vibrant company for food production and packing whose products have already become a part of the customers' lives.

Currently MAKS has over 160 employees and owns a new complex containing the company's administrative building, production and storage facilities, and an outlet store, all of which have modern heating and air-conditioning systems installed.

Макс погон

Production is organized into three shifts and the annual output of packed food products is over 6000 tons. As part of the company's pledge for quality products, MAKS is in procedure of implementing the ISO 9001:2000 standard. It is imperative for MAKS to maintain a high level of production standards which will result in a high quality product, while at the same time it will keep the environment clean. All working units are equiped with modern heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Square surface of the buildings is 15000 square meters.

At MAKS they are very optimistic about the company's future. Through a constant expanding of the product gamut spurred by the innovative production processes MAKS hopes to make its products known beyond Macedonia. With a team of highly skilled and motivated employees that keeps growing every day at MAKS they are convinced that through hard work and wise management an optimistic vision will surely come true. They have proved that once, and they are willing to keep proving it. For their sake and for yours.

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